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    107E (Black with Red Upholstery,20/09/1960,REG:124 KHU) available FREE to Club enthusiast – garaged/off road since 2000 but too good to scrap and worth preserving/rehabilitation into the Anglia Club’s directed care.
    Not so Restorable 107E (Two tone green/cream 23/03/1960,REG:504 FNY) to preferably go with it or if not required to another clubber for those hard to come by Spares !
    Wont scrap until the sun starts shining but space urgently needed!
    Contact me via forum/profile contact details – remote pick up location,
    so 4 wheel drive/good trailer required – no photos available.
    Serious Club enthusiasts only please. :D


    :D Pleased to report that new home for both 107E’s now found locally
    although I was suprised to have no enquiries/takers from the owners club
    – but hopefully I’ll see the black one up and running again soon. :lol:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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