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      Hi everyone.

      My mother owned an Anglia 105E with the above reg no from Easter 1968 to 1970. It was the only car she owned and bought. It was yellow at the time and was nicknamed “Daisy Patch” by my dad, due to him patching her up (!) and the colour. The photo I have makes it look like it’s beige.

      I’ve checked on the DVLA site and it looks like it survives!

      Appears to have changed colour to green though although my mum says she was sure it was registered in 1960, not 62, but either that’s a mistake by DVLA or the registration numbers been transferred to another Anglia.

      I did put a plea in the now defunct Popular Classics magazine back in 1995, and got a response from one guy who we think bought it off the chap my parents sold it to in 1970. Later on it was sold to someone else for £7 in 1971, to another chap who had plans to fit a 1500GT engine and big wheels, but I don’t know if that happened, as it is still registered as a 997cc.

      If it is in your club I’d love to hear from the owner or if anyone knows it whereabouts, as I’m sure my mum would who is now 69. Here’s hoping! Or even from the current owner of whichever Anglia now has that number, as it would be interesting to know when the number was transferred! :wink:

      VEHICLE ENQUIRY Services Provided By DVLA:

      The enquiry is complete

      The vehicle details for 3397 FN are:

      Date of Liability 01 02 2011
      Date of First Registration 21 08 1962
      Year of Manufacture Not Available
      Cylinder Capacity (cc) 997CC
      CO2 Emissions Not Available
      Fuel Type Petrol
      Export Marker Not Applicable
      Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
      Vehicle Colour GREEN

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        I have chekced out the club’s data base and can’t see the car listed.



          Thanks for that! Interestingly, the Motor Insurance database hasn’t got it listed as insured. :?: :? Strange as it’s down as licensed.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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