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    I am looking at taking my babies to thier first ccshow.

    Some of you guys may/may not remeber i know Mr Bridges remembers me.

    I use to be regional 3 rep from circa 1996 – 1998 then fell off the planet.

    i used to own the following cars..

    MLK.. (I think Mr birgeds owns ths)
    JHS 823D (I remember getting trailed back from Scotland)
    BGS 51A (Now deceased)
    HVS 870 (Now Deceased)

    and another one i really cannot remember.

    just a quick questions guys..

    What car show do the “older guys” normally attend i remember it used to be Knebworth is this still the case?

    Take Care all

    Anyone else remember the “flashing Light” incident about 1998?

    Ken B
      Club Member

      Hi Mark.

      There is no Midlands rep at the moment, so you can have your job back!!!

      Knebworth had got a bit better after a few slack years. I went last year after an absence of 6/7 years and quite enjoyed it. Another Mark, Mark Oldfield normally organises the club stand there now.

      JHS 823D now belongs to North Midlands organiser Darren Calver
      MLK 795D now resides in Southern Ireland but not as MLK obviously. I bought it back after selling to Kelvin Barber who I’m sure you remember, but after spending another fortune on it, had to be sold on due to personal circumstances.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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