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      Hi all, sadly I have only joined the forum to see if anyone was interested in buying our anglia and anglia spares as its a project we have had for years and is going no where!!

      Here is a bit of a list of the parts for sale and a couple of pictures of the rolling shell.

      Shell , needs a lot of work!! Or for parts
      4 Doors? I think
      2 bootlids
      fibreglass front end (needs repairing)
      Pair of fiberglass wings
      Classic Capri struts fitted with discs and calipers
      4 x Rostyles wheels
      997 engine and box (not in the car)
      Full red vinyl interior (cant remember condition but think its fairly reasonable)
      All glass I think
      Most ancillaries
      At least 1 set of glass
      Dashboard cut out of another car
      Few Boxes of anglia bits, generally all the bits worth keeping off another car we stripped.

      Most of the parts that are not on the car are stored upstairs in a garage and I really dont want to have to drag them down to photo them!
      Theres a lot of gear here and probably some very useful parts to someone restoring anglias

      Best bit, first person with £200 and a trailer can take the lot as we don’t want to get into splitting it all up.

      All located in East Yorkshire

      If you want to talk about it, either call my dad, Derrick on 07712770940 or me, Dave on 07960755447

      Many Thanks, smiffy


        now provisionally sold pending collection!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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