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    Introduction post is here:

    Old member returning

    Well, shipping is no provisionally booked for June 12th! So I should receive it later that month. In the meantime my brother and dad started looking over it today to see what it needs to get running. I have a new stainless exhaust system being sent there next week for starters.

    In the meantime, there was a lot of dirt and dry matter under the rocker cover!

    It all hoovered up just fine I’m told, and was pretty clean otherwise.

    When my dad got it in 2014 it did turn over but wouldnt today, so diesel has been left in the bores for a few days and it should free up.

    Magic eye time!

    Bores look good, but those eagle eyes will see that both valves are open on cylinder 3. Hopefully a persuasive tap on the top of the valve stem will free it off.

    Fuel tank is empty with some residual gunk in there:

    It’s rust free though which is good. I’m looking at the best ways to clean it out. I;ve read putting a load of marbles in there to agitate dirt, then washing it with water and cleaner does the trick but I’m all ears.

    Finally, the underneath looks solid with one 2 small patches that need welding.

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