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    Gary can you perhaps sticky this topic into the tech section of forum or transfer the main info into the main website tech section somehow. A lot of info in here that would help our Overseas friends on a question that gets asked quite frequently elsewhere and It a pain to keep trying to find this thread. I couldn’t find a sticky button on my mod tools.


    Really helpful information!

    Unfortunately though my Ford Anglia 105e doesn’t seem to conform to the information, so wondering if anyone can help.

    Serial prefix: 2S1161
    Serial Number: 3294
    Model: 2111
    Paint: 2-8-8-8
    Trim: 991
    Body: U4030

    I have been told it is a 1961, but wondering if in fact it might be a 1960? I am looking to restore back to factory original so keen to decode the paint codes in particular.



    I am picking up my latest Anglia tomorrow – this will be the sixth one I have owned…

    Reading some of the comments above about Ford Australia numbers – I wasn’t satisfied with the answer to the ABSXD code – because that is exactly the same as my new one! So, I also have a 1962 XL Falcon, and the ID plates are very similar. Digging on the Falcon Forum I can add some more info to what’s been said:

    -FOUR-digit Model codes, were only used on Falcons up to XK’s ( i.e. up to late 1961)

    -FIVE-Digit models were used after that: first three numbers are a combination of body type, fitting level and appointments (luxury level); last two numbers are a combination engine/transmission code. So, most Anglias were   xxx12,     i.e. 997cc engine with manual trans.

    – I found a different year/month table which makes more sense. It shows A=1961, B=1962, C=1963, & D=1964. But the months are different to the table shown earlier in this Forum. In MONTH ORDER they go A B C D E F G H I O X Y.  This remains the same for all years from 1961-1964, then changes – possibly the same as the table shown earlier.

    So, X= November. That means ABSXD was built in November 1964. The other model mentioned earlier was ABSEC – so that would be May 1963.

    I think the B stands for Broadmeadows build – I will have to look up some more of the Falcon info. There is also something about identifying age from the suspension tower stamp, I will check up on that tomorrow.



    Hi Dani
    i cant see YC on your plate to make it a 1963.
    are you able to help with mine.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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