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    The Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club provides the “Autojumble” section of the forum to allow our users to put up requests for parts wanted, and to sell parts they have which might be of use to other members.

    Threads in these sections will have a number of “Prefixes” available to use – this will help your thread be correctly identified.

    The prefix can be selected when posting a new thread, and changed by clicking on the Edit button on the first post of the thread.

    Available prefixes are:
    [FS] – For Sale
    [Sold] – All items sold
    [WTB] – Want To Buy
    [Bought] – I’ve got what I wanted!

    Any transactions that take place between members are conducted entirely between the members in question at your own risk, and the Club do not have any responsibility or obligations with regards to issues or complaints.

    Some basic rules for posting:

    • Post full description, quantities (if applicable)
    • Post photos of items for sale where possible.
    • A price must be stated against all items for sale.
    • State where you are located – this may be the difference between someone making an offer or not.
    • Do not post multiple active threads if you have multiple items to sell at once. This is unfair to visibility of threads of other members if one member has multiple threads on the first page.

    Guidelines for members:

    When deciding to buy or sell from a member, it is recommended to obtain the following details:

    • Full name
    • Full address, including house name/number, street, city and postcode
    • Landline telephone number, preferably for the above address. Mobile numbers are useful for contact.
    • Confirmation of the details of the trade.
    • Payment method
    • A clear understanding of when money will be paid and goods sent/received.

    Once you’ve obtained these details, it would be a good idea to write them down on a piece of paper – computers can and do fail!


    Where possible, do not send money via “PayPal Gift” – by doing so, you forfeit any rights you have as a purchaser and lose the protection of PayPal. Use the option of “Payment for products or services”, and use a PayPal Fee Calculator, such as this one to calculate how much you will need to send so that the other person receives the amount they requested after fees have been removed[/list]

    Bank Transfers also provide no protection, but in most cases do not incur any charges – a useful alternative to PayPal Gift and just as quick.

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