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    kissyfur 31

      Following a 1200 super on e-bay at the moment so the obvious question is, does it look a viable resto project? Looks pretty solid to me but haven’t been under an anglebox for years so what do i need to look out for?
      I had an anglia about 10 years ago (AKG536A) and all the work was already done so before I bid I need to know what to be aware of.
      Would like to know if my old 105e is still about. :)

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        AKG 536A is not on the Motor Insurance Database, but the DVLA site shows it as a blue Ford, 1600cc on Sorn. Sorn expires on 31st Nov 2010.
        Date of first registration 27.03.1963.
        So looks like its still out there.
        Good luck with your search.

        kissyfur 31

          Hi Terry,
          Thanks for the reply. It had the 1600 when I had the car and it went like a bat out of hell then. I also have some photos of when I bought the car, From a car boot sale, and it was a minter. I stupidly part ex-ed it for a Mk1 Cortina that had more holes than a second hand dartboard and have regreted it ever since.
          Hope to see it one day again.
          Thanks again for the info.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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