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    i am writing from switzerland, where my father in law owns a Ford Anglia 100E from 1985.
    Recently he’s had issues with his engine and decided to take it apart.
    doing so he saw that his spring on the clutch release bearing carrier was almost torn off.
    we saw the website here carried something similar,

    Spring and rivets for clutch release bearing carrier

    but we can’t figure out if this part would fit and if not what kind of modification (rivets) it would need.
    we checked the specs, and the three measures given are the same, the shape isn’t the same though..
    cant figure out how to post a picture too

    Thanks for your help
    sorry for rusty english
    * do i need to go to a presentation page?


    This is the image from the Ford Workshop manual. It certainly looks similar.

    In my experience of 100E clutches, ONE fork is always broken, and they seem to work well enough like that. If both, I’d look to replace it. I can’t say whether the item shown will fit as I don’t have dimensions for either the Ford spring or its possible replacement.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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