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    Hi I’m just about to purchase  a 1967 anglia which is in very good original condition  and is actually  road worthy it obviously  needs some attention  ie door sills and a respray  starts up on the key but my question is  do I keep it original or beef it up I’m a complete novice at this and have never undertaken  this type of thing before  except  years ago I I did a 1936 bra 250 bike are there people that do this kind of project for a fair  price and which way do you think I should go with it  regards  mutley


    Depends what you want from it. If going slow and the car falling over when you go round a bend keeps you happy then keep it original, if not then beef it up as you say..

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    A well maintained original car commands a good price, is a 60s icon & is usable as transport in modern traffic & turns heads, & the drum brakes are way way better than a 1936 motorcycle . A good custom car blending in modern or period modification is a different thing, worthy in its own right. But there is a big difference between quality lean steak & corned beef! And plenty of projects end up half finished on ebay ,( probably some of them are good value if you know what to look for & save money & labour compared with starting from original)


    My advice is if you make any modifications at all, make sure you can still revert it back to standard, best of both worlds then.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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