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    A couple of Anglebox mags ago an order form was included for a 1:43 scale ‘1962 Ford Thames 105E van’ in British Railways Parcel Delivery livery. The model was to be a limited issue of 4,000 and was being produced by Railwayana Auctions Uk Ltd. What I would like to know is: “Did anyone purchase one of these models and, if so, what is the quality like?”. “Is it based on the Lledo model or is it an entirely new casting?”
    Hoping someone can help, Boffin :)


    Its an entirely new casting made by Oxford Diecast.

    Sadly the quality is not on a par with a Lledo model.


    I have just received the latest two type of ice cream vans from Oxford Diecast. Whilst still not quite in the league of Vanguards/Lledo they are quite nice models. However as they are the same scale as the Vanguards they also seem to strangely have some of the same niggly detail faults and you can’t help but wonder how Oxford actually made their mould.
    Casting that aside(geddit?? oh never mind) the graphics on the latest offerings are bloomin spot on, even down to the price/picture board in the window, and I should know as I had the original made myself when I owned the real Morrison ice cream van. I am pleased to have both types on my shelf.
    As for the railway van, I echo what Neil M said, the quality of that I’m afraid is sadly lacking and that I won’t be buying unless I see one for a fiver somewhere.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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