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    I am looking for some advice regarding a radio for a Ford Anglia 1967. My dad is currently undertaking the project and I wanted to gift him a radio for the car. To install a radio is this a big process or how do you go about mounting to the dash? Also where would be the best place to purchase a radio and speakers etc? Looking for a radio with an aux connection available?

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    You can get a classic looking radio from your local motor factor, last one I bought came from AGM (agmpartscomponents on eBay but they have a website). It’s not a big job at all, do you plan to use a fibreglass copy of the radio panel, or mount under the glovebox?



    Perfect thanks a mill for that advice! I’m not sure about how to go about putting it in but I want something that wouldn’t look too out of place. If I were to use a fibreglass copy is that a big job to do? Sorry wouldn’t know too much about this at all. Thanks for your help!


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    Anglia’s left the factory Positive Earth , all modern cars are negative earth , converting to negative earth is easy , see Technical section of this web site.  Sticking to positive earth is fine too but might limit radio selection, Radios like a good earth & the radio +ve/-ve should match the car.  1960s radios often had a plug that orientated the radio +ve or -ve as required.

    A wing ariel looks period , . ( People  snapping  off the wing ariels seems rarer these days,  its years since I have seen a car with a coat hanger) but modern  radios may have windscreen mounted ariels to save drilling the precious wing

    Not in stock examples of the fibber glass radio panel is here .  https://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/82465-anglia-radio-panel-in-fibre-glass/

    or metal ..


    It is held in 2  brackets which also support the cigar lighter & the blank plate at the other end, & you might need a 3rd bracket to hold the weight of the radio.

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