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    hi ,i am new to the forum ,been working on late cars but now have a customer with a 1965 anglia ,its in good condition but it needs a set of point ,we got a set off ebay when we got them they were the wrong ones, ours have a plastic thread where the 8mm nut fits to condesor and earth wire ,the new points has metal ,can any one tell me why they are diffrent ,thanks ray :oops:

    Rebecca Sales
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      Sounds to me that you have a lucas dizzy.Anglias were fitted with either lucas or autolite(motorcraft)dizzys.If you get stuck they are the same as early minis with 25d dizzys.All the best Andy.


      hi ,i have had problems getting the right set of point for a 1965 anglia ,the dizzy was scrape anyway ,so ive changed it to a lucas austin mini one,it was easy all i had to do was change the worm drive on the bottom ,it starts sounds and drives like new , i have several new mini dizzy [in the cupboard forgotten about ] never thought they would fit , i know ford anglia distributors must be hard to get hold of unless you buy new but they can be expensive ,hope this might help ,ray. :lol:


        Perhaps a good idea is to replace points etc with electronic set up such as Pertronix which list for Anglia and other 4 cylinder Fords.

        This is Australian site

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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