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      1) Anglia Owner’s Handbook, Feb 1964 – near-perfect condition (in plastic cover)! 8)

      2) Green cardboard-framed poster advert from 1965 – “Be first on the road with Ford!”. Shows Anglia (in the forefront), Popular, Prefect, Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac… 8)

      3) “British Cars of the 50’s & 60’s” postcard series no.9 – Ford Anglia 105E… 8)

      4) An A4 printed photo and two postcard-sized photos (in plastic cover. From 1996) of different suped-up red and black Anglias stock car(?) racing… 8)

      Oh, just accessing this forum makes me relive my Anglia (105E, 1967) -owning years. I never got to drive it (no licence!), but oh how I loved it… That green leather interior, that shell in primer blues and pinks and that beautiful wooden steering wheel that my boyfriend at the time found at a boot sale, renovated, and gave to me… :D

      The above listed items I’ve ended-up hanging onto, but I’d now very much like for them to go to someone who will cherish them as much as I have… :D

      I don’t want any money for them, but I’d prefer not to have to sort out posting them. If anyone who would like all/any of them can pick them up from London NW3, I’d be grateful…

      First come first served…?!

      With very best wishes, Emma :)


        I’d love them if only you would post?
        Pretty please? with sugar on?

        I’ll pay postage……



          Dear Tom

          I’m a sucker for sugar, so they’re yours…! :wink:

          What’s your address?

          I’ll try to send them as cheaply as possible, but I’ll need to use a large stable envelope due to the cardboard-framed poster…

          Kind regards



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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