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      hello. im new to the classic ford ownership (coming over from VWs) and have recently bought this

      its a 1967 ford anglia (i belive its a delux but could be wrong)

      pics are a bit wierd but thats my sis for you

      the plan was to just mot it and run it but the paintwork is shit and iv found some rot (suprise suprise its an old ford)
      its nothing major but im going to be stripping the shell and making it good then get it sprayed and have it looking preety.

      engine wise its a 998cc pre cross flow. i was pondering a zetec but have just bout 4 1300 x/flows for handy money so thats the plan. the usuall tuning and a set off twin webbers.

      i also bout 6 rostyle wheels with it so may run these on it

      im a little stuck and what suspension/brakes diff ect to run so any advise on this would help. ill put the questions up in the right place

      its a project but i will hopefully be getting cracked on and will have it done by mid to late this year. well fingers crossed lol:tup:

      Alan Turle
        Club Member

        Welcome to Anglebox World. You do have a deluxe there!

        I hope you will join the Club if you havent done so yet…download an applcation form from this forum.

        Best wishes :shock:


          cheersa mate. i will be joining at some point lol. just need to find a printer lol

            Club Member

            Looks a good solid late Anglia. If you are changing the engine to a 1300 It might pay to get it on the road withthat before changing Diffs etc and then you will know what you will want to change it for. It should have a 4.44 in it if it is the original. Good to join the club as Alan said. You will find having access to all the new spares useful if you are doing a restoration. I look forward to seeing the progress.

            I have just got my old number plate book out and see your car was originally registered in Lancashire.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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