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    Hello & Welcome
    Gaining access to the Club Member sections
    Spares Most Wanted
    Posting Images
    Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

    Hello and Welcome!

    Welcome to the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club Forum!

    You don’t have to be a club member to register on the forum!

    When registering, please complete as much information as possible, as this will help us differentiate between spammers and genuine users.

    Failure to do so and you will not be able to activate your registration.

    After submitting the Registration form, the forum software will send you an automated email, which contains a link you need to click on to activate your account. On some occasions, this email is flagged as “spam” by your email provider or software, and may end up in a Junk folder.

    If you do not receive the automated email, please contact the Website Administrator on the email address listed below, noting the username you chose during the registration process, and your forum account can be manually activated by the Website Administrator.

    You’ll find us the friendliest bunch around, but occasionally tempers can get frayed, or perhaps through the medium of email /internet, someone takes offence when none was intended. At present we have a Forum Administrator, and several moderators — a team that are here to help you, and to get involved in the day today running of the board. If ever you need any help from any of the Forum team, do not hesitate to contact them through the PM (Private Message) function or send a PM to Confused. Sometimes we may have to intervene if threads or posts start to become unruly or offensive. Basically, if the admin team think it is inappropriate or offensive it will be deleted and a PM (private message) will be sent to the author. If it happens again, their forum membership will be suspended.

    We are very fortunate here on the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club Forum that we rarely need to intervene, so feel free to join in and express your news, views and passion whether your Anglia is standard or modified, you’ll be made very welcome!

    The Directors of Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club Ltd and of Ford Anglia 105E Spares Ltd do not accept liability for, nor do they condone the opinions expressed on this Forum by any person authorised and registered to put posts on this Forum.

    email: [email protected]

    Access To The Club Members Sections

    Access to the Club Members sections and restricted content on the site is automatically granted when your Club Membership is processed by our Membership Secretary.

    Access is automatically revoked when your Membership expires – this is 00:00 on 1st January.

    To ensure continued access, please ensure that your Membership renewal is submitted in good time to allow it to be processed by our Membership Secretary.

    The link between your forum account and your membership is based on your email address – please ensure that the email address you use for the forum is the same as the email address you provide when signing up or renewing your membership. Most issues of inability to access the Members Only sections is due to a mismatch between email addresses, or omitting your email address on the membership registration form.

    You can check your current Membership Status at any time by visiting the My Membership page.

    Club Member

    As you’re all no doubt aware, the club’s spares department refurbishes a number of items to provide a continuing supply of items.

    This service is dependent on you, the members, returning your old/unwanted items.

    I will keep this list up to date with the parts that our spares department is in need of. If you have any of these items sitting around in a shed or garage, please consider sending them in for refurbishment.

    Remember – the spares department for the Club does not exist to make a profit, all money is ploughed into the aim of continuing to supply parts for our cars for as long as possible. With your help – this can continue.

    So – onto the “Most Wanted” list:

    • Rear dampers
    • Steering boxes
    • Clutch plates
    Club Member

    To post photos to the forum, you will need to first upload the images to one of a number of image hosting sites.

    One example is Imgur

    Imgur allows uploading without an account – useful for the odd image here and there, as well as allowing you to create an account to keep your photos together in an album.

    To use Imgur, first go to http://imgur.com, and you will see the following screen:

    If you wish to create an account, you can do so by using the Register link.

    Once registered, or if you wish to just upload a single image, you can then do one of two things.

    Either, click on the Upload from Computer button, or you can drag & drop an file into the browser window.

    Once you have added all the images you wish to upload, click on the Start Upload button, and a progress bar will be shown:

    Once you have uploaded your photos, you will be given the following screen, with a number of options down the side:

    You will need to select the “BBCode (message boards and forums)” option, and Copy the highlighted text (either right-click and choose “Copy” or press Ctrl+C on the keyboard)

    Then, in the Write Post box on the forum, Paste (by right-clicking and choosing Paste or pressing Ctrl+V), and you’ll get the following:

    <img class="bbcode_img" src="http://i.imgur.com/puHbJCH.jpg" alt="puHbJCH.jpg" />

    This will then give you the image in the post:

    If you have a number of related images, and an Imgur account, you can add the images to an album, and post the whole album.

    Browse to the album, and Copy the last part from the Address Bar at the top of the screen:


    From here, take the “mK1DX” part

    Press the “imgur” button above the post box on the forum, and Paste this address, and you’ll have:


    Which will display the album in the post, as such:


    Club Member

    The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs is a grouping of over 450 Clubs and Museums together with some 1500 Trade and Individual Supporters.

    The aim of the Federation is to uphold the freedom to use old vehicles on the roads without any undue restriction and to support its member organisations in whatever way it can.

    For more information, click on http://www.fbhvc.co.uk

    FBHVC actively seeks information about legislative proposals that are likely to have an impact on the historic vehicle community.
    When necessary it campaigns to influence the decision making process to remove, or at least minimise, any adverse results

    European transport related legislation is mainly driven by two concerns: the environment and road safety. FBHVC takes the view that protecting the environment and improving road safety are laudable aims that should, in general, be supported. However, the EU Commission tends to take an all-encompassing approach towards legislation that can catch the minnow of historic vehicle use in the net intended to catch the whale of everyday motoring.

    FBHVC, working with and through the international body, the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA), aims to monitor EU proposals in just the same way as it does with home-grown UK legislation.
    FIVA employs a professional lobbyist to monitor the output of the EU commission. He reports to all European member organisations regularly and FBHVC takes a lead in responding to and countering potential problems.

    Details of legislation that is currently receiving attention are reported in the bi-monthly newsletter that is sent to subscribers.

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