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    Hi just wondering if anyone as fitted a inline fuel filter and if it will cause more problems then benefits Thanks much appreciate


    I fitted a filter to BLC, but that has a Nikki carburettor so the delivery pipe had to be cut anyway; it caused no problems. I haven’t bothered with SFO. Unless you can find a period filter, which I have got, with the correct unions you will need to cut the pipe to insert a modern plastic item. I wouldn’t want to trust a period filter to remain fuel tight, though, which is why the period one is still in the garage.

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    I was driving in traffic on the A4 & the modern car beside me went WOOMF ! & started leaving a trail of fire on the road. I grabbed a extiguisher from a nearby petrol station & gave it to the owner, who put out his burning engine, but by then ruined.. Turned out it was all due a plastic fuel filter installed too close to the manifold! The guy returned the empty extingusher to the petrol station with his worried German Shepard held tight on chain, one look from the dog prevented any conversation about who might pay for refilling it.

    I have fitted a similar filter on 105e (needed with a electric fuel pump) & found it reduces blocked carb events.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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