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      At the Uxbridge show there was a guy going around giving out cards to people so that they could register they car on a Data Base for Film & TV work.
      This is just to confirm that the guy and the company a legit but I tried to access the Web site last night but it was not complete. I mailed the guy Ben Dillion and he has asked that anyone wanting to register their car should mail him ( [email protected] ) with details and attach some photos.

      Ken B
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        Stuff that. Having seen first hand the way they get treated – any car for that matter.

        I can remember being on the set of “My Family”. An almost new Volvo estate was being used for a scene inside the studio, but the glass at the rear was giving off light reflection into the camera. So they called out a windscreen company to come and remove all the rear windows. Bearing in mind the car was on hire and almost brand new and the windows are all the new bonded in type.
        What the director wants the director gets usually not caring what it is or who’s it is.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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