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    I have owned my first car for c 1/2 century…..I tried to restore it in my teens but gave up before complete

    It was the local tuners hot-rod back in the sixties, passing from hand to hand and being tweaked a little more each time

    I fell in love with the sexy mean looks, as it has Triumph Vitesse like 4 round headlight flared into the front, bumpers and chrome removed, lowered etc

    Lotus Cortina steel rims, substantially lowered, straight through exhaust

    Engine was bored out a little and heads substantially flowed + huge SU carb – I pulled the engine and rebuilt it, incl rings, bearings, clutch and lovingly polished head and re-seated valves etc then added heated inlet + 28/36 Webber – Ran much better after that :)

    I spent hundreds of amateurish hours sanding all paint back and customising front arches with tasteful sized flared arches – still excellent shape :)

    Interior, i added one of the then fashionable ‘Rally’ over dashboards with high rise switch panel + a Vitesse remote gear shift with 3 inch lever giving rifle bolt gearchanges – surrounded with full length centre console covered in flick switches, gauges and warning lights of the era – Telltale Smiths Tacho – Added Front strut brace – New hi quality leather and alloy steering wheel (original still available, but no longer in character)

    Amateurishly, but thoroughly repaired internal rust around floorpan edges and boot interior – still holding today I think

    Sooooo, what happened? – Wish I knew…. 1/2 a century whipped by and the car stayed dry stored all that time

    What shape is it in now? – Beyond my few remaining abilities and requiring full re-build – Having said that, a local saw the car (he owns numerous period hotrods / drag cars…..He wanted to make it into a ‘Rat’ leaving it looking half finished and just dealing with underpinnings…..not what I want for it after 50 yrs (my first car….)

    I am looking for someone to keep body mods as is and do full restoration…preferably in UK Midlands for visiting rights :)

    Having seen complete rust buckets going for over 1500 pounds with football sized holes in body, mine isnt that bad (hardly any visible rust and no holes! (going to have rusty chassis and sills though) – Given the energy, I guess I could make it look quite alluring :)

    Original Reg is 99DVA which may be still usable too – would consider offer on that too

    Love the car…my first automotive love…hence still being with me after a 1/2 century…..I am now moving back to my childhood bungalow, where it spent half its life and is still registered to which has far less space than the farm barn where it has been for last couple of decades….

    Probably reduce me to tears to let it go, but if a capable decent enthusiast is out there, up for restoring…I would consider offers upon meeting / discussion :)

    Even still have period metallic Lagoon Blue and Silver or Gold paints in unopened cans – Cabin was gold and body green when i got it

    A ‘Barn Find’ Hotrod 105E that time…but not me..has forgotten

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