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    I think since the start of spring lockdown I have been having a bit of trouble with my freshness!

    I mean the “freshness” feature of this forum, I Really like it, makes it very easy to keep up with peoples comments & advice. But it seems to not work so well as to used to .

    But a couple of confusions….

    Example 1. https://105eoc.com/forums/forum/general/?v=79cba1185463 the General Index is today showing 107E Prefect was last updated by JAN 3 days ago . But when I go to the 107e Prefect index I see only Last Post was 4 months ago .

    Example 2 . I have noticed ( last month) if I add to an old tread , say in Technical that old thread does pop up to the top of the Technical index, perfect. But the General Index doesn’t seem to be updated , & it only is updated with a new tread.

    I use Firefox / Windows10 Is this a problem with my Cashed pages ? Any suggestions ?

    If its not my PC, total respect to the software genius who built & maintain this forum, it works so much better than other classic car forums & I’m sure you are on the case.


    No, Brian, same here.

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    Hi Brian,

    This (I think) is to do with when a post that requires “moderation” is submitted.

    This is anything with an external link, or something that “looks” like an external link – it picks up when someone forgets to put a space between a full stop and the following word.

    I get an email with notification of the post that’s pending approval – but unfortunately sometimes it can be a couple of days until I can get on to Approve the post – or if I get sidetracked and don’t get on in a couple of days, it can sometimes be a bit later when I come on, look at the new stuff, and see the post(s) that need approval, and then Approve them, and this doesn’t always correctly update the “freshness”.

    My understanding was that once a User has had an Approved post, subsequent posts by that user shouldn’t be flagged for Moderation – but now that I look a bit closer, it seems like maybe that isn’t happening – and unfortunately it’s often JAN whose posts get left in limbo for a while as he’s great at updating his wonderful project threads with photos!

    However, with all that said – the View Latest Posts link if you hover over/expand the Forum menu item at the top of the page should always show you the most recently updated threads, even if the “freshness” isn’t always exactly correct.

    I will try to put some time aside soon to take a closer look at this.

    Thank you also for the kind words about the site, and it’s nice to hear that you think we’ve got one of the better sites/forums in our classic vehicle community! :)



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    Thanks I had not found the ” View Latest Posts ” before , It seems ideal .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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