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    News from Brooklands Museum

    ‘Banking on Brooklands’ scheme launched, aiming to raise £250,000 through “Buy a Yard of Banking”. James May Accepts the First Yard

    Last year, TV personality James May organised the first race in 70 years around Brooklands – and he has now formed an even closer tie with the historic motor-racing circuit after accepting “custody” of part of the iconic Members’ Banking from land speed record holder, Richard Noble. Brooklands Museum’s new fundraising scheme, ‘Banking on Brooklands’, which allows supporters to “buy” the custody of a square yard of the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, aims to raise £250,000.

    In the ‘Banking on Brooklands’ scheme, the steep Members’ Banking near Members’ Bridge has been divided up, virtually, into 33 strips, each named after one of the legendary figures who graced the Brooklands circuit and drew the crowds during the pioneering days of motor racing. Supporters can chose to “buy” a yard of the strip of their choice, and receive a personalised certificate as well as being able to name or dedicate their square yard on a new website at http://www.bankingonbrooklands.co.uk The website also enables visitors to learn about the history of the track and the personalities involved.

    A donation of £150 will secure a square yard at the top of the Brooklands Banking, named after drivers such as John Cobb, Tim Birkin and Malcolm Campbell. The middle of the Banking is named after personalities such as Freddie Dixon, Prince Bira and Count Zborowski and squares in this area can be secured for £125. The personalities whose names grace the lower level, which attracts donations of £95, include motorcyclists such as Eric Fernihough. (See separate sheet for a full list of names).

    A total of 2,000 separate square-yard sections are being released and the target is to raise £250,000 to fund the preservation of the 31 acre site and development of the Museum, together with the enhancement of associated visitor facilities for the 110,000 people who visit the Museum every year. The Museum received the freehold of its site from its former landlord, Japan Tobacco International, earlier this year.

    Lord Trefgarne, Chairman of Brooklands Museum Trustees, said: “ ‘Banking on Brooklands’ represents a very important step on the accelerator. Now that we have our freehold and security of tenure, Brooklands can drive forward with confidence.

    “We will, however, need an increasing level of funds to ensure that Brooklands fulfils its promise not only to preserve but also to enhance its rich legacy of British pioneering development in both motor racing and aviation for future generations. Brooklands has an indelible place in the modern history of this country. The past we represent belongs to the future and ‘Banking on Brooklands’ will help ensure that it does.”

    He added that the chance to take custody of parts of the iconic motor racing circuit would appeal to many Brooklands enthusiasts – in both motoring and aviation circles – and to people with historic family links to Brooklands.

    The Museum site is home to almost one third of a mile of the original Members’ Banking, which is often used for motoring events, filming and the Museum’s ever-popular vintage-style car rides during school holidays.

    To find out more visit our website http://www.bankingonbrooklands.co.uk or contact:

    Karen McKenna
    Tel: 01932 857381 ext 241
    [email protected]

    Ken B
      Club Member

      I only wish I was rich enough to take up this offer. It amazes me that this site was never saved from its partial destruction all those years ago. It was an icon of its time and was part of the beginnings of motorsport for this country.

        Club Member

        I agree Ken – how the hell did they let it happen …. something to do with large sums of cash changing hands I think. Ironic that they are now asking for more to save the remnants now that the big profit has been made….. especially now that it could never again be used for it’s original intentions due to offices houses and a tesco superstore over half the circuit!

        Shame on them I say!


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