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    Pair of Ford Anglia 105E 123E Front Quarter bumpers

    These are not Lotus Cortina or Mk1 Escort bumpers as these do not fit on an anglia very well and

    you have to muck arround making brackets etc.

    These started life as a standard front anglia bumper. They were cut at the correct length and

    ends made and welded on. They were then chromed.

    These bumpers will fit onto your standard anglia brackets. Simple unbolt your standard bumper and

    bolt on a pair of quarter bumpers.

    They have very nice chrome, not 100% perfect, some very small imperfections, but i’m being super

    critical here. Bolt them on your car and they will look very smart !


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    How much?????

    Are they gold plated or chrome plated? I saw a set at an autojumble only this month and wanted about £20. Admittedly the chrome was no where near as good but they bolted straight on. :wink:


    You didn’t see these Jase

    You probably saw an old pair of knackered mk1 escort 1/4 bumpers that won’t fit.

    These have been made from a standard anglia bumper so thay will bolt right on.

    Go look at the going rate for a nice pair for a mk1 escort or lotus cortina. These are cheap !


    is your price negotiable at all ?

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    Hi Barry, Daleks listing was from 2009 , those halcyon days when £120 would get you something special! Dalek doesn’t seem to have posted much in 4 years so may not respond.

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