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    Hello All,

    New member here.
    My wife and I took ownership of our first Anglia (1966 997 Delux) this morning and have never owned an old car like this before and I was wondering about fuel.

    I remember when the world moved away from leaded petrol there was a lot of talk about how engines needed the lead to pad the cylinder heads or some such nonsense but leaded fuel is no longer available.

    Was there any truth to that? Do I need to find an additive to add to the fuel or do I use basic unleaded petrol or premium unleaded?

    Seems like a silly thing to have to ask, but I don’t want to poison this beauty unnecessarily :)




    Not silly at all, and certainly wise to ask.

    I run a 107E as daily transport, and currently cover about 12,000 mile a year, down from my pre-retirement 18,000! I’ve never used an additive and had no problems. What I do though is invest in a gallon of diesel and pour a small amount (a few grams per gallon of petrol) of that into the tank to act as an upper cylinder lubricant; it has the same effect as Redex.

    It was the BMC cars which needed the additive more than Fords.


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    Thanks, Jan, I really appreciate the tip!

    Interesting to hear that you are using yours as a commuter, my wife wants to use Valerie as a commuter but we were a little worried about the mileage. She has only done 39k miles so far and it somehow seems a sin to add another 10k per year to her, we will see how we go :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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