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      Hi all – thought you’d all like a bit of a giggle. Some of you may already know that I own the ‘Pimp my Ride’ Anglia – the purple monstrosity with the diner in the boot!
      A mate of mine and I had a look underneath it the other day as it’s time (well overdue actually) for some due care and attention.
      The list of panels are below:
      Rear Chassis Crossmember (it’s literally hanging – god know how the fuel tank is staying in)
      Rear Spring hangers (Hanging way too much)
      Inner Sills (One has turned ‘harry Potter’ invisible and the other has more holes than a cheesegrater)
      Outer Sills (it’s only the filler and layers of paint and laquer that’s keeping them on)
      Vane Sills (well if the inners and outers are that bad they are bound to need doing)
      Nearside Front Floorpans (currently fitted to ‘Fred Flintstone’ specifications)
      Offside complete floorpan (More patches than my grannys quilt)
      Front and rear jacking points, both sides! (Thank god I jacked it up on the rear axle)
      The restoration is now going to take part in two phases! All of the underneath and some patching to the inner wings will be done in the next month or so (I need to get it MOT’d in time for a friends wedding). Fortunately I have most of the panels required in my stores – just the floorpans and vane sills to come from the owners club.
      The next phase wil be later in the year when it will have new steel wings to replace the fibreglass ones currently fittted and complete engine bay detailing (it’s currently black hammerite!!!). Then I can fit all of the shiny new chrome bits I’ve been collecting to detail the engine bay!!! I’ll post some pics once work begins! :wink: :shock:

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        Well work is now well underway (one side done!) and the other side sa removed (the chasis rails are being replaced too…..)
        just thought I’d show the extent of the work – it will be a cracking car when it’s finished!
        If anyone’s got a couple of decent inner wing panels i’m interested!

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          by eck – looks like you’ve got your work cut out. Good luck with the rebuild. ANd keep us posted on progress ..

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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