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      I would like to take off the back plate on the rear brakes so I can tidy it up and get it painted.It says in the hand book I need a special tool to remove the axle shaft.Does anyone have one I could borrow or is there an alternative method.Also is there any other jobs you would advise doin while its off?


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        Hi Pete,

        Ken wrote this :


        When I changed my rear bearings, I removed the halfshafts without a tool. I removed the wheels, the drums, the nuts, I’ve fit the wheel but the wheels nuts were screw about one turn. After you push the wheel and you pull it suddently, the halfshafts came by this way.
        I hope this can help you

        Ken B
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          There is an old saying if it isn’t broke dont fix it!!!

          But if you’re really sure you want to do something else, then replace the oil seal if your axle is an early type with seals in the axle tube.


            Thanks for the replies,I think you might be right Ken and I’ll jiust give it a going over with a wire brush!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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