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    Took my starter motor apart to fit new brushes. Imaging my surprise to find it had triangular brushes. I had fitted a new starter a decade ago!

    Turns out there are 2 types of starter motor ….

    The Square Brushes the club sell are correct for the 1960s starter motor , which has Cylindrical Cover Clamp over holes on the body by the brushes.

    But there is also a 1970s starter with no cylindrical cover clamp , like the starter the club sells, which uses triangular brushes all in the end plate. its brushes are available like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282806840733

    (To change the brushes you have to solder them, ideally 80-120w solder iron. Tip… Clamp the wire braid with a metal clip to act as heat sink & to stop the solder wicking up the braid. The 1960s you solder 3, the 1970s you solder once. The modern starter motor had come with metric thread on the power stud, that ebay item came with imperial thread, but no nuts. )

    Would it possible for the spares description to be updated to warn people as to this difference?

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