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    A friend of mine is racing an Anglia in Swedish historic racing and I am maintaining the car. The car is a 1963 1200 super and is built to meet the up to 1965 FIA appendix K specifications. Engine is a 1200 three bearing with Cortina GT inlet manifold and carburettor, home made exhaust manifold, Cortina mk1 struts and TCA, disc brakes at front, ultra close Lotus Cortina gearbox, 4,125, 4,44 or 4,7 final drive with LSD, plastic windows and 5,5 Lotus steels. All allowed according to the FIA homologation.

    Results sofar is overall third in 1300 class 2017 mainly because we finished all races, 2018 struggling with the Minis but have finished all races sofar. Learning curve is still steep for the driver and I know the car is faster than the driver.

    Dont know how to upload pictures…

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