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      On my way to the Rally this Saturday, the heavens opened up and there was an amazing rain squall. The windscreen whipers could hardly keep up and the roads flooded instantly. Visability dropped to about 10-feet.

      It got to crazy to drive, so I pulled off of Interstate 95, and . . . got into bit trouble.

      The off ramp became a huge drain for the highway and where it met Hammond Park drive, there was a deep flash flood. The Anglia went in and sank, coughed and died. I stepped out into water about 10-inches deep. The water reached about mid-hub cap, but the exhaust pipe didnt go under. The car would not restart. :cry:

      Eventually, a nice soul came by and helped me push it up the hill and out of the flood. After about 20-minutes i got it started again and made it to the Larz Castle Rally.

      The wet brakes caused a bit of steering “pull” until they dried off. The belts squeeled more than usual, but other than that, she did quite well. I made it to the rally and the 40-miles back home.

      I’m worried what long term effects the plunge into the water might have on the car. Are there any systems that should be checked? Cleaned?

      When the car hit the water there was a cloud of steam when the radiator was splashed from the flood. I was worried the cold water might cause the hot radiator or other hot systems to crack, but I havn’t detected any drips or damage yet.

      Any thoughts on what I should check out?
      Many thanks, Bob :)

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        You may want to inspect the brake linings etc and wipe them over with a clean dry rag, and inspect the car from the underneath to check for any possible damage. Also lift your carpets inside and see if they are wet. Apart from that, I would do much else. :wink:

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          I agree with Jason ,also check none of the rubber bungs have lifted with force of the water and in the boot wells behind the wheel arches.

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