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    Hope someone can help. I have a zenith carb fitted to me 997cc, and the only I. D I can find on it says 30.1Z? Was this originally fitted to it? If so I need to get a service kit for it. I cannot find it listed on any site. Or if this is the wrong carb does anyone have a correct serviceable on I can buy?

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    The haynes manual suggests …

    Solex 30 zic-3 was fitted until may 1962
    then the
    Solex B 30 PSE . ( choke tube diameter 21.5mm for 997cc).

    Info on the jet sizes is in the technical section of this web site
    If buying used one, check the throttle butterfly bearings. Too much play in the these can be a cause of rough tick over. Its a machining job to fix, as both the holes & shaft go oval.


    Thanks for the reply, will see if I can source a solex carb for it.


    I have a good B 30 PSE 13 ( 997 ) with very little play on the throttle shaft. Probably can be used straight on but suggest a rebuilt kit.
    I’m in California so shipping would be ~ $35 plus $50 for the carb. Pictures: psnyders@pacbell.net Peter


    Sorry for the late reply…. But thanks anyway


    Need carburetor 1962 105e

    Barry and Gayle
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    Hi did you find a carb

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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