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      Hi, it’s obvious batteries don’t like cold weather, they also don’t like high compression engines. Combine the two and the answer is a non starting engine!! Can anyone advise what power battery I need for a 2,000cc pinto engine with stage 2 head? I suppose the compression is about 10.5:1
      I’d prefer a heavy duty type that will crank it over easily. Any ideas? Thanks, regards, Brendan.

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        Hi Brendan, Where is your battery ? In the engine bay or in the boot ? Put the biggest you can find. But sometimes the biggest battery are larger than the period type, and not really easy to fit in.
        Have you try the battery of your venerable “truck” your 505 ?


          I doesn’t make any difference – they all put out 12V and no more – a big battery just puts out 12V for longer.

          I’d suggest that you check and clean all the connections, including the earths. Make sure the battery is in good, fully charged condition (most accessory shops can do a drop check) and that the starter moter is fully serviceable, which might need a visit to an auto electrician. And if the battery is in the boot, make sure that the main lead fron to rear is heavy enough not to lose voltage over that long length.


            It’s not the voltage, it’s the cranking amps that count when starting so may try going for a battery from diesel, these usually having higher values, Ijust went to the local motorfactors and asked for a battery to fit the standard fixing clamp for my 1500 precrossflow, they offered two, one was a bit tall with 350amps cranking, the other was just right but only 270. I bought the latter but should have bought the former, it starts it but only just.

            They did say they’ll swap it for me.


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