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      I cannot get my wipers to park on my 66 super.
      Wires at the motor are(two green) (one white/black) (one black) and (one red), where should these wires go please.
      Switch has a electric screen wash switch mounted in place of the hand plunger/pump, three terminals.I have a spare two terminal switch.
      P.S I am running negative earth with alternator

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        Right, it’s a long time since I wedged my head under the dash for the ww motor, so this is a referral to the manual

        Green wires are both connected together, and one comes from the ignition switch and one to the heater switch where it is the heater motor supply. They should connect to one side of the motor, and provide the positive feed for the motor to run when it is away from the park position.

        Black/white wire is to the other side of the motor, and ensures that the motor parks, as it remains connected while the motor is away from the park postion.

        The other two? The circuit diagram only shows one, and this is the one from the wiper switch itself…

        I am sorry but I don’t have a wiper motor to look at to compare wire colours on that.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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