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    Aly Johnson

      Been offered a good 16xflow with matching box, will the box fit directly in,ie same x member etc and will the lever hole have to be moved? Also what prop will fit? Its going to replace what was a 997cc eng and box. I dont have the 2 boxes to compare as the 1600 isnt in my possesion yet. Cheers AJ.

      Ken B
        Club Member

        think you will have issues with the g/box x member, as mounts are different. As for the bell housing, I’m not certain whether this will clear the steering drag link(if you still got box set up). Some one will confirm whether that is the case or not. I thought there were issues with it clearing the steering box too, but may be wrong.
        deffo new hole for gear lever.

          Club Member

          Easy way to do this is with a 681 block, the one out of the mk2 cortina, then you get a front bowl sump etc etc

          It bolts right in using standard mounts.

          The 711m block is wider on one side, can’t remember which side so you need to elongate the holes on the engine mounts, i think it’s about 10mm ish wider. You also need a front bowl sump and pickup pipe, front cover off the front bowl sump engine as well so you have a dipstick hole and you need to blank off the old hole at the back, a plug from burtons costs about 25p.

          Easy way gearbox wise is either use a 1200 anglia box and prop or a 2000e box with the rear part of the 1200 anglia box fitted to it. Keeps the stick in the original position so you don’t need to cut a new hole for it.

          If you just stick in a 2000e box you will have to buy of make a gearbox xmember as the mount is pointy rather than flat like the anglia gearbox mount. You will also need to cut a new hold for the gearstick.

          Other thing you might need is a mexico clucth slave cylinder so you can operate the clutch, this is is you are using a more modern clutch over the original anglia type and if you are using a more modern clutch then you need a spacer on the clutch release bearing.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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