Registering with the DVLA

Have you just bought an Anglia, and it doesn’t have a current V5C, maybe because it’s been off the road for a while? Or maybe it’s been imported from another country?



Many people fall into the trap of buying an unregistered car, spending months or years restoring or modifying it, then when they want to get it on the road, try to get it registered with the DVLA.

If your car has been “off the radar” for a long time, then the DVLA might not have up to date information about it, and they will want to verify that the car you’re trying to register is what you say it is.

It is often much easier to do this when the car is in the condition in which you’ve bought it, and not post-restoration/modification.

The Club can help with this, it is a service we offer via our Historian and DVLA contact, Auboné Braddon.


If you don’t get a current V5C when you purchase a car, the very first thing you should be doing is getting in touch with Auboné and getting it registered with the DVLA. It’s better to postpone the start of your restoration project work by a few weeks, than risk losing its original identify, ending up on a Q plate (and having to pay Vehicle Excise Duty for the rest of its life), or having a difficult back-and-forth with the DVLA when it’s sitting there all shiny and fresh, and you’re itching to get out and enjoy driving it!