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Front Sidelight Castings – Register Your Interest


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This product listing is for you to register genuine interest, and provide a DEPOSIT towards a reproduction pair of Sidelights, as fitted to 1965-1967 model range – located inboard of the indicators, within the front grille area. Castings and bulb-holders ONLY, does not include lenses, bulbs, gaskets or fixing hardware.

In early 2021 the Spares Department offered Owners the opportunity to register interest in sand casted examples (as were the originals), in either a batch of 20 or 100.  At the time there was not enough interest to make the project viable.

For small batch items (10 is ideal), a new technique is being used by our supplier – 3D printing out of 316 stainless.  Front edges will be highly polished.

These items are not yet in production – the Club is looking at having these reproduced. However, this is potentially a large financial outlay for the Club, and in the interests of spending your money most appropriately, we have decided to canvas once again for interest, and to hopefully gain some confirmed purchases to justify to the Committee and you, the Members, spending the money on having these items reproduced.

Estimated final sale price (including UK delivery) for the item is:

£195 per pair, for 10 confirmed purchases.

(International delivery to be calculated based on final size/weight)

Production time from when the club place the order will be about 3 months.

Please register your interest as soon as possible as a decision will be made, to make or not, by the end of July 2023.

To repeat – the product listing, shown on the home page of the club website, is a DEPOSIT (£50), towards the final retail price – yet to be determined.

If there is not enough interest registered to make the purchase viable and we do not go ahead, any deposits made will be refunded. Once this initial period is over, if manufacturing goes ahead, these deposits will become non-refundable, and the balance will be due before shipping the finished item.