Why not get in touch with your local representative and see what events are on in your area. Go on, get that Anglia, Prefect and Van out and about in the UK.

Current Groups

Local Groups have risen from the Main membership Area’s to cater for the needs of the Members in that particular locality. Some of the Groups are quite large and some small. These are the Groups at present:

Current Club Groups

7 – Northern England
8 – Yorkshire
9 – North Midlands
10 – South West England
11 – Dorset
12 – South/South East England
14 – Kent and South-East London
16 – Berkshire & Middlesex
17 – Sussex
18 – Northern Ireland
20 – Cumbria & The Borders


The Club also has the following Overseas Groups:

USA and Canada
Western Australia


If there is no local Owners Club Group in your Area, and there are a few Anglia Enthusiasts that would like to get together at the shows, then please think about forming your own Local Group. In 1997 the North Midlands Group did just that (see their Letter from the 1997 Anglebox Magazine).



The Original Club Areas

Historically, the Owners Club had split the UK into 6 Membership Areas (see the Map below)

Old Map

This is why your membership number may be something like 419 / 2 where 2 was the Area that the, then, Membership Secretary placed you depending on your address. The Areas were:

Area 1 – Scotland
Area 2 – Northern England
Area 3 – Midlands
Area 4 – Wales
Area 5 – South West England
Area 6 – South / South East England

The Club also had four other Areas:
Area 7 – Northern Ireland
Area 8 – Republic of Ireland
Area 9 – Channel Islands
Area 10 – Overseas.