From 2018 a new General Data Protection regulation will come into operation as well as the Data Protection Act already enacted.

The Ford Anglia 105e Owners’ Club is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of members. We acknowledge the importance of keeping members’ personal information safe and secure at all times. Here is a summary of how we will comply with the new regulation.


Under the Data Protection Act the data held by the Ford Anglia 105e Owners’ Club is defined as Standard Personal Data. The level of security must be good and proportionate to the data kept by the Ford Anglia 105e Owners’ Club. To carry out the work of the club we ask our members to provide their contact details when they join. The information held will be name, address, email address, telephone number, and details of vehicles owned as provided by the member.


Membership Administrator

The Membership Data is managed by the Membership Secretary who controls access to this database and provides it to Committee members where necessary. The Membership Secretary is the only person with the authority and access to change a member’s personal details. Members must request in writing or by email to authorise changes to their Personal Data. Names and addresses will be passed to the magazine editor for the distribution of the club magazine, Anglebox.

Physical Data Security

Backup copies of the Membership Data are taken regularly for security reasons and retained at the home of the Membership Secretary.

Control over Access

The committee will maintain and review the list of those Committee members who have permission to view, modify or download the information necessary to their function such as the Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary and Magazine Editor..

It is the club’s policy that no third party will have access to our membership data base.

Personal email addresses will not be made available for the general public to view on our website. Committee and other functions can be contacted by members and non-members via the website at

Notification to Members and Subsequent Confirmation

This policy will be added to our website and notification of its existence will be sent to all members in the club magazine. They will be asked to confirm that they have read it during the next round of renewals, and when new members join.


Lapsed Member Data

On leaving the club a member’s data will be retained for no longer than 12 months. This helps to cope more efficiently with the member rejoining within that period.

Area Reps

Area reps have a responsibility to exercise due care to provide only information that is relevant to all area/group members, and to avoid promotion of direct commercial offers from third parties.

Where possible, when sending an email, the sender should use the bcc facility which will conceal email addresses from the recipients.