From the Historian’s Archives, follow a pictorial journey along the production line, building an Anglia as we go!

Keep checking back to see new progress!

Production line photo number 1. To start us off here are some panels being finished off by hand, ready to start body shell assembly.
Production line photo number 2. Here we have the rear panels and door frame along with inner flitch panels all welded together, being lowered onto the floor pan and inner sills. Makes a lot of sense when you see this as to why it is difficult to get to some parts to weld in new panels.
Production line photo number 3. Here we have all the panels being jigged up to make sure they all line up, or not in some cases. Still no roof on yet but we do have a dash board in place.
Production line photo number 4. We at last have a roof and it looks to me like the gentleman working on the back panel and rear wings is braising them together. What do you think?
Production line photo number 5. Things are progressing very nicely on the assembly line. I think the bodyshell is fairly complete. The boot has been added and there is just a bit of door adjustment going on. Is that man responsible for them sticking out at the bottom? I am sure he isn’t but remember his face.?
Production line photo number 6. We at last have a complete bodyshell with everything lined up perfectly I am sure. It is possible to date this shell to within a couple of months of production. Go on, give it a go. ?
Production line photo number 7. We now have some sort of primer on the completed bodyshell and two ladies preparing areas for the top coat. Interesting lack of protective clothing. Comforting to know this is a No Smoking area though. So what is the car we can see in front of the Anglia?
Production line photo number 8. We are at last off to have a top coat of paint. Can you tell me what the vehicle is in front of the Anglia and the vehicle in the spray booth? The one in the spray booth is quite tricky but I have faith in you knowing the answer.
Production line photos number 9. This time we have a little group of photos showing the paint actually being put on the bodyshelsl. By now we should all be able to date the first picture to within a couple months. I am still giving away points if you get it right. Interesting to see that two men are painting the same car in the first picture. We will just have to imagine what colours the cars are. Wonder what the working conditions were like for these guys?

Production line photo number 10. At last we have shiny paint on lovely new bodyshells. I wonder what colours they were. Don’t touch them, they could still be wet. So what is missing in the radiator panel, apart from the black paint?