Initially Ford did not offer an Estate version of the Ford Anglia 105E, so Friary Motors Ltd of Basingstoke took up the challenge. The conversion, launched in June 1961, took the basic saloon model and modified it into a hatchback calling it the “Ford New Anglia Touring Saloon”. The conversion process was taken over by associate company E.D Abbott Ltd of Farnham, Surrey in 1962, who renamed the car the “Ford Anglia 105E Sports Sedan”. Ford officially released the Ford Anglia 105E Estate in September 1961

standard estate
Standard Estate

The Estate was very much welcomed by those wanting to carry a little more luggage. The rear seat hinged forward and its squab folded flat to give a large flat loadspace of 35.4 cu ft. (Which compared favourably with the 10 cu ft of boot space in the Saloon.) The front of the car, up to the centre door pillars, was identical to the Saloon. Behind this, blended onto the original front end was an attractive and neat estate car body.

deluxe estate
Deluxe Estate

Like the Saloon, the Estate was only ever available as a two door, and was available in Standard and Deluxe trim with added extras over the Saloon. The Estate also had uprated suspension and an increased tyre size to help with the extra weight that could be carried in the back. Like the Saloon, the owner could also choose between the 997cc or 1200cc engines.

estate rear
Estate Rear

The Standard Estate model was offered in a choice of eight different colours, whilst the De Luxe could be specified from a range of eleven single colours and seven two tone colours.

Production of the Ford Anglia 105E Estate came to an end in November 1967, by which time 129,529 estates had been built.