I know it’s not original, but an alternator is a big improvement over a dynamo, and you can always convert back. Here is how to fit an alternator…..

  1. Get the alternator mounting brackets from a 1100 Fiesta or Mk II Escort
  2. Get a Lucas alternator from the above or a Metro, Mini etc
  3. Remove your Anglia battery for safety
  4. Remove the dynamo and brackets
  5. Fit the alternator and fiesta brackets (you’ll need a longer fan belt)
  6. Two wires connected to the dynamo, connect the yellow/white one to the small warning terminal on the alternator and tape the other up. Connect the two larger terminals on the alternator to the battery positive terminal using the two 30amp wires, and correct terminals.
  7. At the voltage regulator, remove the yellow/white wires from the D terminal and insulate them. Disconnect the yellow/red wire from A & A1 terminals and join them.
  8. Reverse the connections on the coil.
  9. Refit the battery with the -ve terminal earthed (you’ll need a longer earth lead).

M. Beamish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Warning – The Health and Safety bit

Please note your health may be at risk if you do not take sensible safety precautions. Never work under an unsupported vehicle, do not take shortcuts. If you feel that the task is beyond your capabilities, then employ the services of a trained professional. The Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club nor the author cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injury arising from advice given on this webpage. Safety advice can be obtained from the RoSPA. The advice and opinions given are purely those of the author and not necessarily those of the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club.