Thanks to “alltheoldohyeah” from the forum for this information:

  1. Remove the door card
  2. Remove the 4 screws holding the window regulator
  3. Detach regulator from door drop glass
  4. Slide drop glass down
  5. Open 1/4 light and remove 2 securing screws from the front of 1/4 light frame (through 1/4 light rubber)
  6. Remove securing screw from bottom of 1/4 light frame (located below window regulator)
  7. Remove 2 screws from window runner channel located to rear of door
  8. Move window channel out the way. 
  9. Move 1/4 light frame away from the door frame slightly
  10. You should now be able to rotate the drop glass in the door to allow the 1/4 light frame to be lent back towards the rear of the door and lifted out. 

Reassemble in reverse order.

To strip the 1/4 light for rechming is a bit more of a pain and will involve drilling out all the retaining rivets and prising the glass carefully from the frame. It is quite time consuming and refitting the whole lot back is the ffiddlypart. It is doable and I have done quite a few sets my self. In my opinion it is well worth the hassle.


door-quarter-light-2 door-quarter-light-3 door-quarter-light-4 door-quarter-light-5