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The spigot bearing or pilot bearing as it is sometimes known is one of the few components that rarely wear out. However wear out occasionally they do. New ones are very difficult to obtain and to make it worse they come in two sizes. The early ones had a 17mm hole and the later had 15mm. Have you ever been caught out trying to put a gearbox in with a 17mm shaft into a 15mm hole struggled for ages trying to get it in and then discovering the reason. Oh the joys.Anyway, if you need to change the bearing for any reason and can’t get a new one, there is a modern solution but you may need a lathe or access to one.

Buy a standard Ford Spigot bearing from Burton Power Products part number FP347 – 21mm x 15mm needle roller bearing. Then machine out the old Anglia bronze spigot bearing to take the outside diameter of the new roller bearing. Bear in mind it will need to be a press fit. Job done. Obviously this will only suit the gearboxes with a 15mm input shaft

These pictures were taken by Patrice Wattine from France and sent in by Svein Fedog from Norway


Svein also took the trouble to send in his way of doing it. Here he is using a bearing that is suitable for the larger input shaft (17mm). The same method could also be used for the smaller shaft by buying a bearing with an internal diameter (d) of 15mm.

D = outside diameter
d = inside diameter
B = depth

Svein’s bearings are of the roller type but are readily available from specialist suppliers.

SAFETY NOTE – Please note in both cases machining on a lathe is required. Please bear in mind the dangers of operating machinery and if you are not conversant with these dangers please get someone qualified to do it for you.

To get your bearings try one of these places – Yellow Pages to find your nearest motor-factor, Burton Power, Rally Design

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Warning – The Health and Safety bit

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