Ford Anglia Identification Plate information taken from The Ford Anglia Parts List.

This identification plate was used on vehicles before 1962.

The identification plate is located inside the engine compartment on the left hand inner wing.

The following is an example of the identification plate and the type of information shown.

The breakdown of the information is as follows:


Taking the example on the plate shown above: 105E 12345
This is broken down into two distinct parts.

105E 12345
The first part denotes the Vehicle Type

105E = Saloon / Estate
= Van
= Prefect

105E 12345
The second part denotes the Engine No


105E = Saloon / Estate
307E = Van
107E = Prefect

Specialised Companies still manufacture Identification Plates to help give you car that autentic look when restoring your Ford Anglia or Ford Prefect.