Changes to Membership

Since the Club’s inception, Membership has run annually from 1st January to 31st December.

In a non-computerised world, this allowed the various divisions of the Club – membership, regalia, magazine editors, spares etc – to know who was a current member, safe in the knowledge that come 1st January, everyone would need to re-join.

Because of this, we also offered half-yearly membership to those joining between July and December, as it would have been unfair to charge them for a full year, when they’d only receive less than half a year’s benefits.

In the modern world, the computerised system that now drives the website, forum, membership, spares and soon regalia, allows instant access to view a Member’s status, so there is less need to keep the Membership expiration the same for everyone.

Introducing “Rolling Membership”

Therefore, we are proud to announce that we are now running rolling annual memberships. You will receive 1 full year of Membership from the date you join. For those of you who are renewing – this 1 year will start from the date of renewal, OR your existing expiration date (if your Membership has not yet expired).

We hope that those of you who have not joined us because it is part-way through the year will now join, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get a full year of benefits from your hard-earned pennies!

That sounds great – how do I sign up!?

It’s rather simple. Visit the My Membership page!

If you’ve already got an account on the website or forum, just log in.

If not, simply enter your email address to register. You’ll then receive an email with a link to verify that your email address is correct – just click this link, and log in with the password provided. (If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, check your Junk email folder).

Once you’re logged in, just click on the big red ‘BUY’ button. If there’s no big red button, it’s probably because you haven’t set up your postal address (but it should tell you right there on the screen). We need to know where you live, so we can send your Membership card and Anglebox magazines to you.

You’ll then be able to visit the checkout, and pay for your Membership, and you’ll then get instant access to our large range of Spares and other benefits.

I’m already a Member, but it tells me I’m not and wants me to join?

This is usually because we didn’t previously have your email address, so your Membership could not be automatically linked.

Just send an email to [email protected] with your full name, membership number, and username (if you know it!), and we will link your current Membership to your account.