Conscientious care of your Anglia and Prefect is the best way to ensure trouble free motoring.

In the following pages, you will find all of the information necessary to keep your car in good mechanical condition. Lubrication is necessary for every machine and it is particularly vital for a motor car.

To assist you in operating a satisfactory arrangement for lubrication and maintenance, the work has been divided into the following sections:-

Daily Checks and Service
Weekly Checks and service
The first 300 Mile (500 km) Service
1000 Mile (1600 km) Service (extended to 2500 Mile Service)
5000 Mile (8000 km) Service (or twice yearly)
10,000 Mile Service

However for those owners who feel they are not able to carry out this work, your Authorised Ford Dealer is equipped with all the necessary high pressure equipment required for servicing and will be pleased to advise and assist you in every possible way.

There are many reputable oils on the market, and many more cheap oils of indifferent quality, In the best interests of your vehicle, only good quality lubricants should be used throughout the vehicle, for cheaper oils, greases and fluids may, in time, prove to be false economy.

It is impossible to over emphasise the importance of correct lubrication, inspection and running adjustments, if you wish to obtain the best level of service from your Ford Anglia and Ford Prefect.”